stomt goes multilingual

We knew stomt was going to be a global startup, and therefore our social media marketing campaign has been internationally focused from the beginning.

We set up a bilingual pre-registration in both English ( and German ( But you don’t have to choose between those. We automatically redirect you to the correct language in your browser’s settings. In the near future we are going to provide you with the option to set your preferred language setting.

We also set up our Twitter accounts in English ( and German ( The same is true of our Facebook marketing. Take a look at our German page ( and our English page ( Here we provide a tip for startups: When you spend more than 20.000$ per month on Facebook ads, they offer you “global pages”. This means you have the ability to maintain several Facebook pages in different languages in an easier way. And last but not least we’re also blogging in two languages. You can read our German blog here:

Of course it costs us more time to maintain both languages. But we are confident that it will pay off in the future to have a stable community. Our web-platform and mobile apps will be multilingual at launch too!

Here we are

From now on we are going to blog in German ( and in English right here. So follow us in the language you prefer.

Also checkout our English Facebook-page: and our English Twitter-account: